What's an Akuvox Partner?

Published at 23/02/2021 by Revolving AV Admin

You’ve came here for an answer to what is an Akuvox Partner and what this all has to do with Revolving AV? Well you’re in the right place! Whilst you’re here, you can follow our social channels if you’d like. We post frequently and very active! To start, Akuvox is an Intercom Systems company which is known for integrations with smart home systems such as Control4 and the products they sell such as the Thermal Intercom Doorstation which is being deployed all over the world to prevent anyone who has a high temperature from entering the premises. 

We sell Akuvox Equipment here on Revolving AV if you’re interested to have a look or possibly purchase their items.

The Akuvox Partner Programme is where AV Resellers are authorized to sell and distribute Akuvox products to AV installers or to the general public and earn exclusive benefits such as training for all of our agents. Revolving AV is proud to be a current Akuvox Silver Partner so you know when you purchase from Revolving AV, you have support agents who are able to help with troubleshooting issues and documentation etc. 

If we are unable to implement a fix, we have dedicated lines to Akuvox so we receive a professional answer much more faster.  So you’ll be receiving higher quality service with Akuvox products at Revolving AV!