Security with Revolving AV

Created in 08/02/2021 by Revolving AV Admin

Here at Revolving AV, security is one of our priorities to secure all customer data that we handle.  We take measurable steps to protect all customer data. If you’re interested on how we protect things, you can read further down. 

1 - Site Security

 First of all, we use SSL under TLS to encrypt data transmitted to our site so the data cannot be intercepted by an attacker.  This will leave the attacker with useless data as it’s               encrypted and cannot be decrypted without lots of time and specialized tools or the private key. We also have settings such as HSTS enabled to prevent man-in-the-middle                   attacks from Revolving AV. This makes it harder for an attacker to install malicious code onto our site. 

 We also force use the latest and the greatest security standards to ensure maximum security where possible.

2 - Login

Second of all, every administrator password are adequate and complex so the site will have a very limited chance of a site data breach using weak administrator credentials. This’ll improve site security further and these passwords are regularly changed on a unspecified basis.

3 - Secure Storage

Third of all, all customer data and site backups are stored on encrypted remote storage with companies that’re HIPAA and GDPR compliant with again, secure passwords. All data is located in the the company’s datacentre with 24/7 security and multiple levels of authentication which includes biometric authentication.

We’re unable to disclose our remote storage solutions as to protect any attempt of breach to our customer’s data.

4 - Payment

Forth of all, payment information is never stored on Revolving AV servers and all requests are securely beamed to our payment gateway Stripe who are fully PCI DSS compliant.

This makes it impossible for attackers to access payment information and by Revolving AV staff as well so you’re payment information is extremely secure.

5 - Shipping Information

Fifth of all, information is automatically imported into our shipping application systems to simplify the process which means that you’ll get your items much faster. All of our shipping applications are secured with 2FA and with secure passwords that’re changed regularly. The shipping companies we use such as Royal Mail will not have access to your data and will be only accessed by Revolving AV Staff who are limited to what they can have access to.

So you’ve seen what steps we take to protect customer data from entering the wrong hands. We have many additional steps we take however we feel this is unsafe if we choose to disclose this information.