Ubiquiti airMAX Sector Antenna 19 dBi 5GHz (AM-5G19-120)


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Product Description

The Ubiquiti airMAX 5 GHz AM-5G19-120 achieves gain, cross-pol isolation, and beamshaping characteristics that rival the highest quality cellular carrier basestation antennas in the world. Pair with Rocket M5 BaseStations to create a powerful airMAX 2×2 MIMO PtMP wireless network.

Ubiquiti airMAX 5 GHz (AM-5G19-120) Key Features

  • 5GHz 19dBi High Performance
  • Long Range (120 degrees)
  • Seamlessly Integrates with Rocket M5 APs
  • Excellent Cross-Polarisation Isolation
  • Intelligent QoS – Priority is given to voice/video for seamless streaming
  • High Capacity and Scalability

Breakthrough Design and Performance
The innovative airMAX Sector Antennas feature carrier-class construction and 2×2, dual-polarity performance.
Breakthrough Design and Performance

Reduced Interference, Higher Gain
Highly resistant to noise interference, the airMAX Sector Antennas provide superior gain and beam performance for high-capacity, multipoint networks.
Reduced Interference, Higher Gain

Industrial-Strength Construction
airMAX Antennas are designed with robust mechanical design for outdoor application use.
Industrial-Strength Construction

Plug and Play Integration
Every airMAX Antenna has a built-in Rocket mount, so no tools are needed to install the Rocket BaseStation.
Plug and Play Integration

Simple Installation
The Rocket M and AirMax BaseStation/Rocket Antennas have been designed to seamlessly work together. Installing Rocket M on AirMax BaseStation/Rocket Antennas requires no special tools, you simply snap it into place with the mount provided with the Antennas.

Ubiquiti airMax Sectors

Please visit the Ubiquiti Firmware page for the latest Firmware upgrades

Ubiquiti AirMax 5 GHz (AM-5G19-120) – Technical Specifications


  • Dimensions: 700 x 135 x 73 mm (27.56 x 5.32 x 2.87″)
  • Weight: 5.9 kg (13 lbs)
  • Frequency Range: 5.15 – 5.85 GHz
  • Gain: 18.6 – 19.1 dBi
  • HPOL Beamwidth: 123° (6 dB)
  • VPOL Beamwidth: 123° (6 dB)
  • Electrical Beamwidth: 4°
  • Electrical Downtilt: 2°
  • Max. VSWR: 1.5:1
  • Wind Survivability: 200 km/h (125 mph)
  • Wind Loading: 137.9 N @ 200 km/h (31 lbf @ 125 mph)
  • Polarisation: Dual-Linear
  • Cross-pol Isolation: 28 dB Min.
  • ETSI Specification: EN 302 326 DN2
  • Mounting: Universal Pole Mount, RocketM Bracket, and Weatherproof RF Jumpers Included

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