Hikvision Double Door Access Controller


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Product Description

The HikVision DS-K2602 is designed with TCP/IP and RS485 communication interface. The communication data is encrypted to improve the security of system. The controller also supports offline operation and is designed with a tamper-proof switch.

HikVision DS-K2602 Key Features

  • 32-bit high-speed processor
  • TCP/IP network communication, with self-adaptive network interface. The communication data is encrypted to ensure information security
  • The recognition and storage of card number with maximum 20 digits
  • Massive storage with 100,000 (can be expended to 200,000) cards information and 300,000 (can be expended to 600,000) access control events
  • Supports multi-door interlocking function (DS-K2602, and DS-K2604), anti-passback function, multi-card function, first card function, super card and super password function
  • Online upgrade function and online remote control of the doors
  • Supports alarm event upload (including tamper-proof alarm, unsecured door alarm, forced entry alarm, delayed door alarm, duress card and code alarm, blacklist alarm and alarm for invalid card swiping attempts alarm)
  • Short circuit attempts alarm and open circuit attempts alarm
  • Supports zone alarm input
  • Supports RS485 interface and Wiegand interface for accessing card reader. Wiegand interface supports W26/W34 and is seamlessly compatible with third-party card reader with Wiegand interface
  • Supports various card types such as normal/ disabled/ blacklist/ patrol/ guest/ duress/ super card, etc.
  • Various indicators to show different device status
  • Supports time synchronisation via NTP, manual or automatic method
  • Supports standby battery
  • Watchdog for device running status detection
  • Data can be permanently saved when the access controller is powered off

Typical Application

HikVision DS-K2602 Technical Specification


    • Working Voltage: DC 12V/1A
    • Power Dissipation (with Load): ≤100W
    • Power Dissipation (Without Load): ≤4W
    • Processor: 32-bit
    • Capacity: 16M
    • Uplink Communication Interface: TCP/IP, RS-485
    • Downlink Communication Interface: RS-485, Wiegand (W26/W34)
    • Storage:
      – Cards Information: 100,000 (200,000 Expandable)
      – Access Control Events : 300,000 (600,000 Expandable)
    • LED Indicator: Power Supply Status, Communication Status, Working Status
    • Built-in Clock: Yes
    • Accessible Card Reader: 4 Card Readers (RS485 Interface); 4 Card Readers (Wiegand Interface)
    • Input Interface: Alarm Input × 4, Door Sensor × 2, Exit Button × 2, Case Input × 4, Tamper Alarm × 1
    • Output Interface: Door Relay × 2, Alarm Relay × 4
    • Working Temperature: -20°C to +65°C (-4°F to +149°F)
    • Working Humidity: 10% to 90% (Non-Condensing)
    • Dimensions (L×W×H): 370mm x 345mm x 90 mm (14.6” x 13.6” x 3.5″)
    • Certification: CE, FCC

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