Episode 1 Channel x 100w Digital Subwoofer Mini Amplifier (EA-MINI-SUB-1D-100)


Product Description

The Episode Digital Subwoofer Mini Amplifier is part of Episode’s family of subwoofer amplifiers designed for small, medium, and large room applications, giving you the right amp for every install. This Mini Sub Amp is small enough to mount almost anywhere and is perfect for small and medium-sized rooms. Plus, it works great with Episode’s 8-inch architectural sub, letting you add deep bass to any room without taking up space. For total home bass, pair the Mini Sub Amp with Episode’s Dynamic Amps and use its dedicated subwoofer output per zone for ultimate convenience. And with the Mini Sub Amp’s low price point, you’ll have the tools needed to expand your product offering to provide better solutions for your every customer, all while protecting margins.


Flexible Bass

This Mini Sub Amp is rated at 100 watts at 4ohms and 50 watts at 8ohms, so it can power two subs at the same time for ultimate versatility. Plus, it can be paired with Episode Hardscape Series Subs for high-value outdoor bass.

EQ Presets for Optimal Performance

Three EQ presets provide optimal bass performance for all Episode retrofit and new construction enclosure sizes to give the listener fast and simple control of their sound.

The Right Connections

This Mini Sub Amp features low level inputs for stereo or LFE and high level inputs for speaker cable runs and passthrough.

Ready for Wireless

A 5V output on the back panel allows for a simple connection to power the Episode Wireless Sub Kit Receiver (sold separately) if direct signal wiring isn’t available. This gives you the flexibility to place the amp where it works best in any project.