Control4 4K UHD 8x8 HDMI Matrix Switch (C4-LU862)


Product Description

Note: Requires professional installation. Remote and basic installation included

Control4’s 4K UHD matrix switches make it possible to view 4K UHD content in almost any room in your home or business. With the right cable connections and receiver placement, you can send content from your switch to devices as far as 330 feet away.

One-Stop Control for Your Video and Audio Entertainment

Control4’s 8×8 matrix switches are the control centres for your entertainment setup. From one location, you can send 4K video content into up to six zones. By adding AV receivers to local HDMI outputs, you can designate as many as eight audio zones with input from up to 16 different sources.

The 4K UHD Experience You’ve Waited For

You might already own a 4K UHD television set, but getting the true 4K UHD experience hasn’t been straightforward…until now. Thanks to full HDCP 2.2 compatibility, you can watch any copyright-protected piece of 4K UHD content. Any type of video content delivered to the devices in your home looks better than ever before.