Audica MICROdot Ceiling Loudspeaker (Pair) (AP1001)


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Product Description

Traditional design of loudspeakers for these applications has either been large boxes that give full-range audio, but which are inherently less attractive, more visible or more complex to install, or sub-sat systems that use tiny satellite loudspeakers for mid/high frequencies and a subwoofer for mid/bass. The main problem with sub-sat systems in public spaces is that people are often listening close to thin sounding satellites with the mid/bass rumbling away in the distance, disconnected in bringing the critical mid-band together for audio quality.

With the MICROdot we’ve designed the smallest possible flush mount ceiling loudspeaker to give high quality over a wide audio band so that, no matter where you are in the room, the sound remains coherent and pleasing. For most applications no additional bass loudspeakers are required.

For applications requiring extended, higher level bass performance, such as an Audio-Visual system playing back film material, the MICROdot can be augmented by the MICROsub 3, which can be carefully tuned just to add extended bass and not confuse the mid-band.

With all of the MICROseries loudspeakers, aesthetics have been a prime consideration. This starts with the family look, which is softly shaped to merge into the environment. Secondly with the selection of materials, which have to be acoustically excellent but also provide for flexibility of design and quality of appearance. The MICROdot is a single-piece aluminium casting with a micro-perf steel grille for acoustic transparency with durability.

Equally important for aesthetics, and speed and quality of installation, are the fixings and brackets. The MICROdot fits a standard 85mm diameter ceiling spotlight cut-out and is fitted with integral spring-clips. Connection is by means of screw post terminals.

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