Frequently Asked Questions

Revolving AV General FAQ's
  • Do you supply to AV Trade or Retail?

    We supply to both AV Trade and Retail. AV Trade customers will receive special trade pricing and AV Retail customers will receive retail pricing. The process to make a Trade account is different as a form is required to be filled out. However, some items that are trade locked cannot be ordered by retail customers.

  • Are you VAT Registered?

    We are VAT Registered, yes. Our VAT number is GB 375 8613 60 if you want to verify.

    All prices do not have VAT included however, you will see VAT in the checkout of the store. If you are a VAT registered customer, you might have to still pay VAT however we will provide you with a VAT invoice for you to claim back with the HMRC. US and international customers do not have to pay any VAT on items.

  • Do you provide free shipping?

    Shipping is free if your order is over £500. Our cheapest shipping option is the Royal Mail Tracked with a price of £7.99. This is also insured.

  • Do you ship internationally?

    Yes we do! We use DHL for international orders. We will contact you with a shipping quote to pay. Once this is paid, we can continue to process your order. If you're not happy with the price, you can happily cancel your order without additional charges.

  • What are your processing times?

    Our usual processing times to despatch an order is same day if you order before 3pm or next day if you order after 3pm. If an item require a backorder, this would be extended to 3-7 days. We would advise you of the changes.

  • What if the item isn't on the webshop?

    Please contact us and we'll check if we can supply the requested item

  • Revolving AV Supplying FAQ's
  • Where does your stock come from?

    All stock comes from certified distributors who only supply direct to suppliers. Sometimes stock can come direct from a manufacturer.

  • Is the stock you buy the best quality?

    All stock we buy are quality checked and assured. This is also done here at Revolving AV. We would never supply a customer with knowingly bad stock.

    To enforce that, we offer an RMA process if you find stock to be damaged in transit.

  • Do you buy stock internationally?

    All stock come from UK Warehouses. They are times where stock is ordered from USA Warehouses. Any international stock arrives in 7-14 days. 

  • What if the item I require is not on the online store?

    Please contact us at or call us on 0333 224 0618 and we will get back to you with pricing (if available)

  • Revolving AV Returns FAQ's
  • What are my return guidelines?

    We accept returns within 14 days after recorded delivery.

    We require the item to be unopened for hygienic reasons as well as to minimize loss of accessories.

    Some items are non-returnable such as Custom Orders. You would've been notified before the order was processed.

  • Do I have to pay for shipping?

    You are responsible for covering the cost of shipping and the responsibility of parcel damage.

  • The Shipping Box was open but not the product box, Can I still start a return?

    If the product box is unopened, it is eligible for return and for a full refund.

  • Revolving AV Payment FAQ's
  • What are my payment options?

    You can by make payment via Credit or Debit Card, Direct Debit or Bank Transfer (bank transfer payments must be payed within 14 days)

  • Are my payments protected?

    Your payment is fully protected with security measures in place such as 3D Secure.

  • What shows up in my bank statement?

    If your order was made by card payment, you should see 'REVOLVING AV' on your statement or somewhat similar to that. If you do not recognise a payment with this name, please contact us.

  • Why are my payments being declined?

    Your payments might be declined for multiple reasons. For example, you might have insufficient funds. Your card provider may report this to you.

    If you'd like, we can pull up a reason to why the purchase is declined. To view this, please contact us. We may only provide certain information at our own discretion after passing through security.

    If you are still experiencing issues, please contact your bank as the payment may be stopped for fraudulent issues.

  • Do you provide VAT invoices?

    We supply VAT invoices if requested. Please email us at or please put in the order description that you request a VAT invoice.

  • Revolving AV Warranty FAQ's
  • What warranty do I receive?

    You receive a 7 day Money Back Guarantee if your item arrive damaged or not working. After that point, you will receive the standard manufacturer's warranty which is different but usually 1 years